20 Oct 2016

Fault with Privatized Federal Prisons

U.S. Department of Justice Finds Fault with Privatized Federal Prisons Loaded on OCT. 3, 2016 by Christopher Zoukis published in Prison Legal News October, 2016, page 22 Filed under: Private Prisons, Corrections Corporation of America, Wackenhut/Geo Group, Management and Training Corporation, Prison Reform, Statistics/Trends, Cost of Prison Systems, ACA. Location:

25 Aug 2013

Police Videotaped Planting Crack Cocaine

A shocking video is now making its way around the Internet.  The video involves a man who was under police suspicion for selling drugs, even though he wasn’t selling anything illegal.  The man, Donald Andrews Jr., ran a smoke shop in Schenectady County, New York. Law enforcement officials in the