Humor From Behind the Walls by Devine



I was born and rise in the Mid-west and have always had a fascination with the law and politics. I was on the school’s debate team and just loved it. So as you can imagine, I decided to go to college and yes, I majored in Political Science. I also ended up marrying an attorney who is now running for judge, wow!

Through work and personal experiences I have learned so much about life. How situations affect the decisions we make. And through those experiences and learning about females involved in white collar crimes I decided it was important to share my thoughts and experiences with others. So, I started writing books and even started my own blog – Crime$Divas and other social media sites in-connection to crime subjects….

I love talking, well I’m actually a great listener, and love observing people. So as you read my books know that I was talking with or observing someone in action, and yes, I have a great imagination to top it off.

Other than that, I’m a very busy mother (of four) like most of you. I love traveling, being by the ocean and reading when I can find the time.

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