Laws supporting victims of crimes

The Legislature passed a slew of laws intended to better protect victims of crime, particularly women and children. SB 3 increases the penalty for violating domestic violence restraining orders. SB 492 allows use of sick leave or personal business leave for victims seeking domestic abuse treatment, rather than only vacation time. SB 525 prevents someone with a restraining order or certain domestic abuse convictions from possessing a gun or ammunition. HB 2317doubles the statute of limitations to 12 years for rape and other sex crimes; previously Oregon had one of the shortest statutes of limitations for those crimes. SB 759 requires universities in Oregon to keep written, public procedures for responding to sexual assaults of students, faculty or staff. The procedures must include notifying victims of their rights and resources available to them. HB 2356makes nonconsensual “up-skirt” photography illegal and provides for jail sentences up to a year for offenders. SB 188 makes “revenge porn” illegal. HB 2234 boosts funding for Oregon’s Child Abuse Intervention Centers and HB 2205 creates a fund to help curb child sex trafficking.

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