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St. Louis Cops Kill Another Teen, Massive Protests Sweep The Streets

Right after it seemed things were cooling off in St. Louis and Ferguson, the police have killed another teenage African American. Now, with militarized police storming the streets, many are saying law enforcement showing up in riot gear has “incited a riot.”
The teen has been identified as Mansur Ball-Bey, 18, who is now dead after police officer shot him in north St. Louis.Now, hundreds of protesters are out on Page and Walton where a St. Louis where Ball-Bey was shot.According to St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, authorities arrived at a home in the 1240 block of Walton to execute a search warrant around 11:30 Wednesday morning.

When police approached the home, two suspects were seen running out of the back armed with guns. Officers ordered the suspects todrop their weapons, at which time one of the suspects, Mansur Ball-Bey,18, stopped and pointed a gun at police, authorities said. The two officers then fired a total of four gunshots towards Mansur Ball-Bey, according to police.

After the officers fired gunshots, Dotson said, Mansur Ball-Bey, continued running until he collapsed.
But many locals believe the gun was planted. As evidence for this, Dotson actually admitted that the gun recovered from the deceased suspectwas not found on his body, but down the street. Members of the community challenge that this could have easily been planted after the fact.

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