Through The Eyes Of My Heart


SHORT but POWERFUL, and priced to get you deep into the pages. Through the Eyes of My Heart is a combination of poems from my first book, In Touch With Every Emotion, and a collection of original poems that I’ve been inspired to share. Written from my experiences as a single man, father, son, brother, and friend, Through the Eyes of My Heart, allows you not only inside my head but my heart as well.

Ladies, if you have ever struggled with trying to understand a man but can’t quite reach that emotional connection of what he’s really feeling; this book is for you. Gentlemen, if you’ve ever been at a loss for words when it comes to expressing yourself with deep compassion and honest emotion then the words in my book are for you.

The 25 poems here touch on many points of love, life, and relationships. Mother’s Glue, Men Don’t Cry, Sista I’m Sorry, and Careful What You Wish For are just a few of the great titles and experiences I want to share with you.
Now I welcome you to begin your journey; Through the Eyes of My Heart.

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